SkyEye Sites wins Merit Award @ APICTA awards



For Immediate Release

Asia Pacific ICT community 2014 recognizes SkyEye Drone technology with its prestigious Merit Award

Jakarta & London 2 Dec 2014:

SkyEyeSites, a leading developer of Drone solutions today announced that it has been awarded a Merit in the category of Communications for its SkyEye product in the 2014 Annual Asia Pacific Info-Communication Technology Alliance Awards (APICTA)

SkyEye is a drone-based product developed to provide Telecomm industry with unique high definition videography of telecoms installations augmented with sensory information. Several innovative changes to commercial of the shelf products have enabled the automation of previously manual telecom processes to allow fast, accurate and safe inspections of existing and potential Telecom installations. SkyEye’s augmented HD videography gives engineers a unique new view of structures that is almost “like being there” to validate and enhance network designs increasing revenue and reducing Capex.


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