July 22, 2016

Your View

YourViewTM – Custom Drone Solutions


SkyEye YourViewtm offers a customised Drone Video Survey service for specific industry sectors and client needs.

Drone technology is a new field and commercial applications for it are emerging at an unprecedented rate.

There is a vast range of potential applications in fields as diverse as Industy, News and Entertainment

SkyEye has extensive experience of Drone technology and of applying it to the specific needs of individual customers.

With our extensive experience and knowledge base we can help you understand how Drones can help your business.

See an examples here:

In all these areas and projects our Promise is to:

  • Listen to what you want,
  • Popose what is best for you
  • Deliver an excellent quality end-product.

Some specific examples include:

Industrial applications:

  • Building inspections

News and Entertainment:

  • Mining Quarry surveys
  • Wind Turbine suveys
  • Oil and Gas plant surveys
  • Outside News Gathering
  • Sports and Music events
  • Golf course online fly-thrus

Security and Law enforcement

  • Crowd monitoring