July 22, 2016

Spectrum View



SpectrumViewTM – Want to know who’s interfering?

The most valuable asset and resource in Mobile Telecommunications is licenced Spectrum.

It is vital that Spectrum is kept free of pollution by illegal transmitters. These illegal transmitters can in effect “jam” the Mobile base-stations denying service to the local community, not only affecting customer experience but also causing lost revenue.

SkyEye SpectrumViewtm enables localised spectrum analysis to identify and remove rogue spectrum Polluters to be rapidly.

This is faster, cheaper and safer than the traditional methods of spectrum scanning.

The SkyEye SpectrumView is equipped with a highly directional antenna and on board spectrum analyser combiined with tracking algorithms to enable it to pinpoint the location of specific Polluters.   This information can be passed to the regulator to have the rogue source removed.

Can be used as a regulatory tool to carryout a spectrum audit to monitor spectrum usage for both RF and MW spectrums.

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