July 22, 2016

Plan View

Site plan layout

PlanViewTM – The view you’ve always needed!

SkyEye PlanViewtm gives site owners and tenants a unique and accurate Bird’s Eye view of the site layout as well as asset and equipment locations.

Floor space is often restricted on rooftop sites and a clear site plan allows the site space utilisation, rental and revenue opportunities to be maximised.

Preparing an accurate floor plan manually is time consuming and often the quality of the plan is insufficient to allow additional equipment on site. It is common for the site designers and site surveyors to belong to different departments or companies.

PlanViewtm is faster, cheaper, more efficient  and less intrusive than gaining access to site and manually producing a plan.

An accurate pictorial site floor plan gives site designers the opportunity to optimise their designs with confidence.

The pin point GPS location above a tower gives confidence of site location when performing optimisation & planning activities.

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