July 22, 2016

Green View

GreenViewTM – Take the guesswork out of greenfield candidate site surveys!

SkyEye GreenViewtm provides potential and telecom operators the information needed to make cost optimized decisions on site location and optimum position of telecoms equipment for greenfield surveys.

Typically, the conventional method of surveying candidate sites involves either deploying an Access Crane or “Cherry Picker” often after long and tedious access negotiations with landlords and their building managers.

SkyEye GreenViewtm allows fast and efficient access to the site. A SkyEye technician programs SkyEye to fly to specific heights at the candidate location and SkyEye flies directly to the candidate locations to capture plan views and panoramics at multiple heights.

SkyEye is Faster, More Accurate, More Efficient, Less Intrusive and Cheaper than traditional survey:

• Higher Survey Throughput
• RF and Transmission teams can conduct an engineering design remotely
• Smaller survey teams
• No need for slow moving and expensive cherry pickers
• No road closures

Better Quality because the deliverable is a repeatable high-accuracy, high definition OSD video, rather than 6 low quality still photos.
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