July 22, 2016

Asset View


AssetViewTM – Fast, reliable and repeatable
asset audits

SkyEye AssetViewtm enables asset Audits of locations that are not easily accessible any other way.

Gives Asset owners and customers a High Definition, high accuracy video of the asset which can be easily translated into an asset management database. This is faster, cheaper and safer than the traditional manual methods of asset audit surveys.

AssetView is faster, because it avoids the site access delays, and climbing time that are incurred in manual methods. AssetView can be cheaper because the volume of work per team per day is higher and because specialist skilled climbing staff are not required. AssetView also avoids any need for service downtime and loss of revenue during inspection.

AssetView provides a permanent video record that is easily viewable by centralised expert staff. AssetView will allow you to quickly identify misplaced or unregistered euipment. Automated asset audits through preinstalled flight plan templates for each tower type

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