SKY EYE Pan & Tilt Camera Mount


  1. Power source: 12 volts D.C.. Power supply not included.
  2. Gearmotor load drain: Two motors included, each draw 0.5 full load amps. Factory rated 3.4 rpm motors turn an actual 5 rpm full speed.
  3. New Thumbstick Controller: Simultaneous dual axis motion and proportional speed control is now available. Fitted with 12Vdc input and a control signal output port.
  4. Remote cable: Cut to customer specifications if needed. Standard length 15 feet (4.575 meters). $2.00 per foot (.305 meters) for lengths over 15 feet.
  5. Dimensions: 14" (35.56 centimeters) tall; 10" (25.40 centimeters) wide at widest point. Motor box is a 4.25" (10.795 centimeters) cube.
  6. Weight: Approximately 6 pounds (2.724 kilograms).
  7. Capacity: Approximately 6 pound (2.742 kilograms) camera payload limit.
  8. Clamping: A Bogen clamp is used which will work on up to a 2.50" (6.35 centimeters) outside diameter tube.
  9. Pivot joint: SKY EYE includes a pivot joint for leveling the plane of rotation of the panning function. It allows for tubular wing strut mounting.

Controller can be handheld or mounted

Thumbstick Controller

SKY EYE is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee if it does not meet your requirements.

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